Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


 - St Bernadette

Term 1

Religion: God’s Great Plan – The story of Creation/ the story of Noah and the Flood. (See RE newsletter for more details)

History: Shopping since the 1930s: learn about the different shops and how food was delivered; look at old sweet tins; talk to people about the past.

Art: Self Portraits - Use close observation to draw a portrait; explore different tools and techniques to create a self portrait.

Computing: We are Painters – Create a piece of electronic artwork to illustrate a traditional tale, collated into an eBook.

Music: Hey You! – Children will learn and discuss some Old School Hip Hop songs.

Science: Seasonal Change-Look at the weather around you and how it changes. Investigate and monitor changes in temperature, brightness, rainfall and wind. Animals including Humans – Look at the human body and know what the special jobs of the main parts are; learn about our senses.

PE: Games: Throwing and Catching - Learn and develop ball skills.

PE: Gymnastics – Travel safely and in different ways across floor, mats and apparatus.

Term 2

Religion: Mary, Mother of God: learn about the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and her response; listen to the Christmas story. (See RE newsletter for more details)

Geography: Up, Up and Away –Learn about the different countries in the UK and their capitals; find out about London and the special sites.

Design and Technology: Eat More Fruit and Vegetables – Design and make your own fruit salad.

Computing: We are TV Chefs – Create a short video showing how to make a simple meal or snack.

Music: Little Angel Gets Her Wings – Looking at rhythm and pulse in Christmas songs.

Science: Light – Learn about natural and man-made light and how to keep safe. Compare different light sources and materials. Find out about how shadows are made.
Animals including Humans – Find out about different types of animals and how they are similar and different.

PE: Games: Rolling and Bouncing - Explore another ways of manipulating a ball.

PE: Frosty Winter Dance - Choose movements to make your own dance phrases.

Term 3

Religion: Families & Celebrations - Learn how we become part of God’s Family through Baptism. (See RE newsletter for more details)

History: Victorian Children at Play – learn about toys in Victorian times and compare rich and poor children’s toys; find out about the Royal fa5mily and Queen Victoria as well as our local area in Victorian times.

Design and Technology: Homes - Design and use techniques learnt to make a home.

Computing: We are Treasure Hunters – Create a sequence of instructions that will move a programmable toy along a given route.

Music: In the Groove – Listen to and discuss Blues, Latin, Folk, Funk, Baroque and Bhangra music.

Science: Investigating Materials – look at, investigate and compare the properties of different materials, thinking about their uses.

PE: Gymnastics – Jump and land safely; hold still body shapes on and off apparatus.

PE: Games – Play small sided games involving kicking a ball.

Term 4

Religion: Following Jesus – Discuss the events in the Easter story and identify the key points. (See RE newsletter for more details)

Geography: Contrasting Locality - Kenya. Find out about the lives of people living in Kenya as well as the similarities and differences between the life of an English and Kenyan; find out about Lake Navaisha using maps, pictures and letters.

Art: Investigating Materials – Investigate and explore different materials and processes/experiment with various tools and techniques.

Computing: We are Collectors – Create a number of presentation slides, each with different collections of animals, organised according to rules.

Music: Rhythm in the Way we Walk – Learn Reggae and Hip Hop action songs that link to the foundations of music.

Science: Sound – investigate how sound is made and the different sounds made by different materials.
Animals including humans –
look at and investigate living creatures and discuss findings.

PE: Games- Awareness of General Fitness - Identify sports and games we play for fun; participate in a simple fitness test.

PE: Dance/Drama: Castles - Learn individual steps of the Tudor dance.

Term 5

Religion: Resurrection. (See RE newsletter for more details)

History: Our UK Heritage: Folk Stories and Castles – learn about British castles through the ages and the people who lived there; find out about the parts of the castle and listen to British folk stories.

Art: What is Sculpture - Use clay and other materials to create a sculpture/collage.

Computing: We are Storytellers – Creating a talking book.

Music: Round and Round – Listen to Latin American styles of music and discuss features.

Science: Plants – look at and investigate different types of plants and trees; look at similarities and differences between them; make observations through drawings, bark rubbings and photos of changes.

PE: Games: Develop confidence using a bat and ball.  Use a bat and a ball to play small sided games.

PE: Gymnastics: Matching Sequences - Create a routine of actions including shapes, jumps and rolls.

Term 6

Religion: Miracles – learn about the stories of Jesus including Storm on the Lake; Jesus heals a man who could not walk; Jesus and Bartimaeus. (See RE newsletter for more details)

Geography: How can we make our local area safer? – Learn about different roads and traffic; carry out a traffic survey; identify the main ways in which parking is controlled.

Design and Technology: Moving Pictures - Make a lever/wheel mechanism to create your moving picture.

Computing: We are celebrating – Create a digital greetings card which combines an image with text.

Music: Reflect, Rewind and Replay – Listen to Western Classical music; reflect on styles studied throughout the year and discuss.

Science: Animals including Humans – look at and sort different animals in terms of their physical features, their food and their characteristics; discuss how we look after animals including pets.

PE: Games: Athletics – Develop running, jumping and throwing skills.

Bat and Ball Games – Use a bat and ball to play small sided games.