Year 4

Year 4 2017-18

St Philomena

Mrs Scanlon and Mrs McWilliams look forward to working with the children this year. We hope you find the information below about the topics that will be covered this year useful.

St George

Miss Chawner and Mrs Taylor look forward to working with year 4 this year. We hope you find the following information about our topics useful.

Term 1

Religion: The Bible - Children will know that the Bible is an account of God’s relationship with His people.

Science: Sound - In Science, children will investigate how sounds are made and know about pitch and volume.

Computing:  Scratch - Children will use the Scratch software to develop a simple game.

Geography: Rivers – The children will learn about different rivers throughout the world. They will learn about the features of a river starting from the source to the mouth at sea.                 

Games:  Team-building - Children will learn how to work collaboratively in teams. They will think about how to support, encourage and communicate with each other and why this is important in teamwork.

Dance:  Street Dance – Children will learn the names of dance moves, how to link moves together, peer teach and choreograph their own short dance in small groups to perform to their peers.

Art: Journeys - The children will learn about Aboriginal Art, how this was created and its importance to the indigenous people; also they will look at the work of Paul Klee and create their own journey piece of artwork.

Music: 70s Pop Songs, ABBA - The children will learn timeless ABBA pop songs from the 70s.




Term 2

Religion: Trust in God – Children will reflect on the importance of trusting in God.

Science: States of Matter – Children will know what is meant by solids, liquids and gases.  They will learn that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled.  They will learn about the water cycle. 

Computing: Scratch - The children will design an interactive toy using the Scratch software.

History: The Bronze Age – Children will learn about the way of life during the Bronze Age, as well as investigating the various methods used to study the past.

Games:  PE: Invasion Games – Football – We will learn how to pass a ball and dribble; we will work as members of a team and use space appropriately building up team strategies.

Dance:  Street Dance - Children will continue with linking moves together, peer teaching and choreographing their own short dance in small groups to perform to their peers.

DT: Pop-Up Cards – Children will learn about the mechanisms involved in pop-up cards.  They will make a pop-up card using their own designs.

Music:  Christmas Songs and Carols - Children will learn to sing Christmas carols and other Christmas songs.

Term 3

Religion: Jesus, the Teacher – Children will learn that Jesus travelled around teaching people.

Science: All Living Things – Children will learn that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. 

Computing: Composing Music - Using digital music software, the children will compose simple pieces of music.

Geography: Catalonia, Here we come! – The children will learn about the areas of Catalonia and Barcelona.  They will discover the uniqueness of Catalonia, as well as carrying out research on how Barcelona has been influenced by art, sports and music.

Games: Rugby - We will practice catching and throwing correctly and play team games being aware of rules and space.

Gymnastics: Climbing, Hanging and Swinging – Children will learn how to climb, hang and swing safely on apparatus.

Art: Viewpoints - The children will use sketching and watercolour techniques to portray a specific viewpoint from the school. They will then use this picture to produce a new picture using pointillism techniques developed by an artist called Seurat.

Music:  Playing the Ukulele - The children will learn the basics of how to play the ukulele.

Term 4 

Religion : Jesus, the Saviour – Children will begin to understand why Jesus died on a cross and reflect on what this means for us.

Science: Electricity – Children will identify common appliances that run on electricity, they will investigate simple circuits.

Computing:  Creating a Web Page - The children will learn to edit and write html and then to use this knowledge to create a web page.

History: The Celts - The children will research and investigate the Celtic way of life.

Games:  Netball - We will learn how to play netball and the different positions of the game.

Dance: Gymnastics – We will be able to form sequences of movement and perform them.

DT: Light It Up –The children will investigate lights and lamps and will design their own model to make. The model will have a circuit within it and will light up.

Music:  Playing the Ukulele - The children will learn to play more advanced pieces of music on the ukulele.

Term 5

Religion :      The Early Christians – Children will know that Jesus made Peter the head of the Church and know about the challenges of being an apostle.

Science: Animals, Including Humans – Children will describe the simple functions of the digestive system in humans, identify the different types of teeth and construct food chains.

Computing:  Wikipedia - Children will learn to work together to create a mini Wikipedia.

Geography: Where on Earth? – The children will learn how places fit into a wider geographical context and compare maps and satellite imagery.  They will learn why time is different around the world,  locate key features and geographical regions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and compare historical/modern maps

Swimming: Water Confidence – Children will develop water confidence, practice their strokes and build stamina in the swimming pool.

Games: Cricket – We will learn how to hit and strike a ball into spaces and will practice running, chasing and returning the ball correctly.

Art: Take A Seat – The children will look at variety of chairs, they will study their design and purpose. The children will design their own small chair to be made from a variety of materials.

Music: Playing the Ukulele - The children will continue to play more advanced pieces of music on the ukulele with more confidence. 

Term 6

Religion :   The Church – Children will understand that the Church is a family.

Science:  Investigation Unit – Children will develop their scientific skills and knowledge in interesting contexts.

Computing:  Weather Forecasters - The children will take on the role of meteorologists and weather presenters. 

History: Ancient Egypt – Children will learn about the way of life of the Ancient Egyptians. 

Games:  Athletics – Children will learn a range of skills used in athletic games.

Swimming 2: Stroke technique and Breathing – Children will improve the technique of their strokes and learn how to breathe when swimming.

DT: Money Containers – The children will look at variety of design of wallets and purses; they will choose their favourite design and produce their own money container using a variety of materials and sewing techniques.

Music:  Review and Revise - The children will consolidate their learning of music dimensions and prepare for the end of year music assembly.