Welcome to Year 6.

Mrs Owen and Mr Brett look forward to working with the children this year on the following topics.

Term 1

Religion:  The Kingdom of God – Reflect on what the Kingdom of God is like and how Jesus’ miracles reflected the beginning of the Kingdom

Science: All Living things – Children will learn about how and why living things are classified into different groups.

Computing: We are app planners – Children will learn how to plan the creation of a game on Scratch

History: Victorians - Children will learn about the changes that took place during the Victorian period.

Games: Invasion Rugby – Children will learn the key skills involved in playing Rugby.

Gymnastics: Children will create routines which include a range of jumps and rolls including variations in speed and direction.

Art: American Skylines – Children will learn how to draw American skylines.

Music: Livin’ on a Prayer- Children will learn how Rock music developed from the Beatles onwards.

Term 2

Religion: Justice – Understand what justice is and know that we are called to work for it

Science: Evolution and Inheritance - Children will learn to recognise how living things change over time.

Computing: We are project managers - Children will learn to develop project management skills.

History: WWI with a focus on Walter Tull - Children will learn about life during WWI.

Games: Invasion Football - Children will lean the key skills of how to attack and defend.

Dance: Create dance routines (in groups) to different pieces of music, evaluating groups’ performances and suggesting ways to improve

D&T: Viking Long Boats - Children will design and make Viking Longboats

Music: Benjamin Britten-New Year Carol - Children will learn about the historical context of Gospel music and Bhangra.

Term 3

Religion:  Jesus, The Bread of Life – To understand the different parts of the Mass and reflect on our part in them

Science: Electricity - Children will learn about voltage and how components function.

Computing: We are market researchers - Children will learn how to conduct market research.

Geography: What a state! - Children will learn about the physical and human features of California

Games: Invasion Dodge Ball – Consolidate skills in attack and defence in a range of invasion games. 

Gymnastics: Planning, performing and extending routines, working co-operatively in groups and evaluating their own and others’ work.

Art: Natural Disaster - Children will learn about artists who depict natural disasters and the messages that they are trying to convey.

Music: Classroom Jazz - Children will learn about the history of Jazz.

Term 4

Religion:  Jesus, Son of God – Learn about the Passion and Death of Jesus and what the Resurrection means for us.

Science: Light-Children will learn about the speed and direction of light.

Computing: We are interface designers-Children will learn how to design an interface for a game on Scratch.

Geography: Our Challenging World - Children will learn about how natural disasters happen.

Games: Invasion Games - Develop skills in attack and defence in a range of small sided invasion games.

Dance: Explore a range of movement patterns and dance ideas using dance styles and music from different eras.

D&T: Children will learn about Islamic textiles and embroider their own mini-prayer mat.

Music: Fresh Prince of Bel Air-Children will learn how to compose their own rap.

Term 5

Religion:  The Work of the Apostles – Know about the apostles and how they were changed by receiving the Holy Spirit.

Science: Animals including humans-Children will learn about the main parts of the circulatory system.

Computing: We are app developers-Children will learn how to develop a game on Scratch.

Geography: Investigating Coasts – Understand what a coast is and learn how headlands, caves, arches and stacks are formed.

Games: Striking and Fielding Games – Developing skills in bowling, batting and fielding.

Gymnastics: High Apparatus - Know that changing and varying the speed, direction and level of their sequence increases its interest for the audience and use some of these ideas when designing and performing their sequences.

Art: Coasts - Children will study a range of costal art.

Music: Make you feel my love - Children will learn about the historical context for ballads.

Term 6

Religion:  Called to Serve – Know and reflect on some of the different ways in which we can serve God, thinking about Jesus’ example of service and how we should try to be like him.

Science: Materials - Children will investigate a range of materials.

History: The Battle of Britain – Children will learn about the key events that took place during the Battle of Britain.

Computing: We are marketers - Children will learn how to create video and web copy for a game on Scratch.

Games: Athletics – Children will develop skills in running, jumping and throwing.

Dance and Drama: Preparation for the Year 6 Production

D&T: Spitfires & Hurricane models: Children will learn how to make model Spitfire and Hurricane planes.

Music: Preparation for Year 6 Production