School Uniform 

Winter                                                                       white shirt                                                     
brown trousers
School tie - only available from the school
brown jumper
black or brown shoes
white or brown socks
plain black or brown coat (no logos)
Summer                                                white, short sleeved polo shirt
brown shorts or trousers
brown jumper
white or brown socks 
yellow or white legionnaire cap
Winter                                                   brown pinafore dress or skirt
white shirt
School tie - only available from the school 
brown cardigan or jumper 
white socks 
brown or white tights 
black or brown shoes
plain black or brown coat (no logos)
Summer                                    summer dress (yellow gingham check) or 
girls white open-neck shirt with brown skirt 
brown jumper or cardigan
white socks 
yellow or white legionnaire cap
P.E / Games
black plimsolls
yellow t-shirt
brown shorts
brown P.E. draw string shoe bag
plain black track suit (no logos or hoods)
KS2 children may wear plain black or white
trainers for games but they must fit in their
P.E. bags. Larger bags are available
from the School Office.
Art & Craft activities
painting shirt or apron