Friends of St Joseph


The Friends of St Joseph's exists for the benefit of the school and its pupils. They raise funds to improve the facilities available for all to enjoy. They organise social events and coffee afternoons to welcome parents and see how a Parent/Teacher association works and what it has to offer. New and existing parents, families and members of the parish are always very welcome to join in.

If anyone is interested or would like to find out about the Friends of St Joseph's and how they can become more involved please ask at the School Office for further information.


Please note - You can now contact the Friends of St Joseph's directly via e-mail.

The address is:


We hold meetings once a term which are an ideal opportunity for all members to meet and discuss what they would like to see happening (fundraising, social events etc) within the school. Come along and take part, you may have some great ideas to offer or simply wish to listen to what is going on.


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Do you have some free time? Would you like to help?

'The Friends' always welcome any assistance and your help is much appreciated. This is a great way to meet other parents and members of the community who get involved. It really is a lot of fun. If you want to find out more, please contact any of the Friends or the School Office.


Friends of St Joseph's Committee 2012

Chair - Mrs Angela Franco

Treasurer - Mrs Helene Harris

Secretary - Ms Kate Bruns