Science Club 2016

I enjoyed the balloons because when we were holding the balloon it picked the paper up. Ivan

 I think it’s great.  I loved the explosion.   Oscar

 I liked the erupting bottle because I like the part when the liquid came out. Sheman

 I really like this Science club. It is the best and I really liked it when we had a big ball and a small ball and we had to try to make the small ball bounce up.   Hope

 Science Club is entertaining and fun.  I’ve done erupting bottles, and a balloon that makes paper fly in the air.  I love Science Club.  Martina

 I think this club is great! I enjoyed making explosions. Paul-Henri

 I enjoyed everything. I love this Science Club!!! My favourite Science experiment was the bottle explosion.  Sienna

 The funniest club ever!! I enjoyed everything.  I don’t know what else we should have done.  I thought it was so excellent, I can’t explain it.  Thank you.  I wish I could come again.  ps  I liked eating the raisins but the experiments more.  Tess