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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Striving for Excellence in the Light of God

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Striving for excellence in the Light of God

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Curriculum Intent

KCSP Statement of Curriculum Intent

I have come so that they may life and have it to the full

John 10: chapter 10.V10

Inspired by Jesus Christ’s example and the Gospel values of love, joy and compassion, we nurture and develop the whole child so that each unique individual grows constantly in confidence, and has the knowledge, skills and self-esteem to achieve their true potential.


Striving for excellence in the Light of God

St Joseph’s Curriculum Intent


At St Joseph’s Primary School, Christ is at the centre of everything we do and everything we do is for the children. 

At St Joseph’s, we define curriculum as the complete experience of a child.  Our curriculum is underpinned by a Catholic education based on the life and teaching of Christ and Gospel values.

We insist our children are the best they can be in every aspect of their life, that they strive for the highest standards of academic achievement and make the most of every opportunity presented to them.  This will prepare them for the next stage in their learning and life journey - educated and caring people who have the qualifications, knowledge and skills they need to flourish as human beings and be able to contribute to making the world a better place for all in the 21st century.  

We are committed to providing:

  • our school vision and mission,
  • an excellent Catholic education for every child in our care,
  • a curriculum that is highly engaging, motivating and aspirational.

We work together with KCSP as a family of schools, a community inspired by a vision for excellence.


The National Curriculum is the over-arching document for our curriculum but our focus is on pupil’s learning, outcomes, achievement, wellbeing and experiences.  We have an engaging and innovative enquiry based Creative Curriculum, which has local, national and global content and themes, examining the past to understand both today’s world and the future.  The integrity of individual subjects is retained through the use of subject progression maps and more recently key knowledge organisers.  In all subjects our children are given the opportunity to learn and to share their learning through different media.   


At St Joseph’s we have a coherent curriculum designed for a child’s acquisition and progress of knowledge, skills and understanding.  Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity - skills identified by employers as essential skills for the future - headline our skills overview. 


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At St Joseph’s, as a Catholic school, the RE curriculum provides each pupil with the opportunity to learn about Christ, His teachings and the Catholic faith.  We believe that the qualities that Christ inspires, love, joy, understanding, wisdom and respect, are qualities that underpin academic achievement.

PE and sports skills are highly valued and are seen as being key in supporting the development of the whole child.  We have a range of lunchtime and after school clubs, plus a variety of additional curriculum events which further extend our children’s learning across the curriculum.  The classroom environment, trips and visits are also used to enrich and extend the learning experience of our children.


Our Curriculum:

  • Promotes our Core Gospel Values which underpin all aspects of school life- evident in our school values of love, kindness, joy, understanding, belonging, wisdom and respect
  • Supports and empowers our children to be successful individuals in the world they will live in as adults
  • Inspires our children to develop an understanding of the wider world and their responsibility to make a positive difference to the world in which they live
  • Supports our children to develop their character and help them to keep physically and mentally healthy
  • Firm focus on the development and application of reading, writing and mathematics skills
  • Has an uncompromising passion for a child’s progress, achievement and wellbeing in every aspect of their life – to be the best they can be and inspired to excel
  • Assessment and feedback is purposeful for child, parent and staff
  • Celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion, supporting the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Develops children as confident individuals who value themselves and others by valuing contributions by children as individuals or group; either independently or in a role, offering a range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills


In order to inspire excellence in children, we believe that we need to work in partnership with parents and the community. Parents, stakeholders and community members are invited regularly into our school to celebrate the children’s work. We also engage local and wider community members as ‘experts’ to support thematic learning experiences; this provides the children with a meaningful audience and also celebrates with the wider school family the excellence that has been achieved.



Striving for excellence in the Light of God

St Joseph’s Curriculum Implementation


Our curriculum is aimed at children being given the opportunity to flourish and excel as individuals.  The National Curriculum is the overarching document – guiding provision and outcomes, we take it as a starting point for enrichment and extension of a child’s learning to facilitate their progress.    

Christ’s teachings and our Catholic faith form our RE curriculum.  Children learn about Christ’s teachings and how they can apply their learning in a modern world.   Children develop qualities that enable them to be thoughtful, reflective, conscientious individuals. 

As part of KCSP, the school is part of the Catholicity project.


The school actively seeks to live out Christ’s teachings and Gospel values through:

Local Projects

National Projects

Global Projects

Food banks



Tree of Hope

Sickle Cell


Parish events



Elderly parishioners lunch

Cancer Research


Church fundraising



Eleanor Hospice




Our whole school curriculum map ensures that the curriculum has sufficient depth and coverage of subject key knowledge and skills.  Leadership works with teaching staff to monitor pupil acquisition and progress of knowledge and skills in all subjects.  This monitoring informs leadership and school decisions, which is reported to school governors. 


The English and Mathematics curriculum are taught during morning sessions unless it is beneficial for learning alternative curriculum subjects during this time.   During the school day, protected time has been allocated to reading in each class.  Teaching staff will work alongside all children in English and mathematics over a full school week.   Children are encouraged to develop a love of reading and staff will hear children read regularly.


As part of KCSP, the school is taking part in the STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – STEM learning is internationally renowned, “The jobs of the future are STEM jobs” (English International Journal of STEM Education, 2016)  To ensure the simulation between science and technology, a lead teacher is responsible for both subjects and is undertaking a national, recognised qualification.


The school is taking part in the KCSP project of modern foreign languages.  As part of the project, the language lead is undertaking a national, recognised qualification.  French is taught in all KS2 classes and French songs are taught in KS1.  Additional languages are celebrated in the school and alternative language acquisition is supported through an additional club and assemblies.


Physical Education is also highly valued with opportunities provided for children to engage with a wide range of sports.  Physical ability, teamwork and sportsmanship are all celebrated.  A variety of extra-curricular lunchtime and after school clubs are offered and children are regularly given the opportunity to participate in sporting tournaments. 


National Curriculum areas of History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology are taught under an exciting and innovative Creative Curriculum, which incorporates local, national and global learning and themes.  Individual classes are encouraged to participate in local, national and global themed projects.  Each term, one class is responsible for raising consumer items for a local foodbank.  Individual entrepreneurial projects are encouraged – children produce a business plan to support their ideas - national and global charities are supported.  


Clear strategic and multi-level planning allows the curriculum to adapt to key local, national and global events, the context of the school and children’s needs and requests.   Knowledge and skills are monitored by the leadership team and reported.  The acquisition of knowledge and development of skills are monitored by all members of the teaching and leadership team for the benefit of the child’s individual learning journey.



Striving for excellence in the Light of God

St Joseph’s Curriculum Impact


Our whole school team strengthen our ethos and vision as we work together to reflect upon our curriculum, share outcomes, decide upon our next steps and take them together.


Class teachers and TAs ensure that classroom practice and subject delivery match our strategic intentions and Teaching and Learning Policy.


Subject Leaders monitor individual subjects: reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, providing individual feedback to move practice forward, celebrating positives, highlighting areas of development and reporting to the school leadership.


Senior Leaders rigorously check implementation and review the curriculum using triangulated monitoring throughout the year to gauge the impact of our curriculum model.


Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders will collectively carry out performance analysis, which is linked to this triangulated monitoring, measuring performance against individual and school targets which are reviewed regularly.


Governors, as part of their overall school scrutiny, monitor curriculum progress and impact via Headteacher Reports, SIP Progress Reviews and their link Portfolio Visits.


Our monitoring of impact approaches are rooted in ensuring that our children grow in confidence and self-value.  We support them as they become conscientious and responsible individuals in a modern world, giving them the qualities, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a 21st century global economy.  

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